Other Services

I focus primarily on three areas of business consulting — leadership developmentorganizational development and internal systems design — all of which typically overlap somewhat in any engagement.

In addition to those core services, I help organizations with a number of other needs. These services are sometimes solicited independently but often come up in the context of leadership coaching or other overall organizational consulting.

Individual & Organizational Assessments

I draw on many tools, including certified EQ-i 2.0 and EQ 360 2.0 assessments, to help leaders and their employees better understand their strengths and challenges and learn to collaborate more effectively. At the organizational level, I evaluate personnel, workflow, communications, marketing, fundraising and other areas of operations.

Board Development

Boards of directors should have clear roles and responsibilities in their support of an organization, particularly for non-profits. I work with leaders to define those roles, activate and energize their boards and implement systems to make the most of board resources and involvement.

Fund Development

With many years of experience leading fundraising and development departments, I help organizations plan campaigns, assess donor bases, cultivate new donors and supporters and create strategies for long-term development.

Mergers & Partnerships

Having played key roles in merging organizations, I can help leaders assess the potential benefits and drawbacks of potential mergers and help organizations navigate the associated legal, financial and cultural challenges.

Executive Transitions

For organizations transitioning between leaders, I draw on nearly 30 years of leadership experience to help maintain operations while assisting in searches for new leadership, acting as a consultant or contracting as interim CEO or Executive Director.