Organizational Development

My approach to organizational development involves gathering information from people throughout an organization, then working with top leadership to implement solutions. As such, it typically includes some level of leadership development and elements of internal systems design.

While every organization faces a unique set of challenges, I find that most problems link back to expectations, communications and accountability. Something as simple as poor (or absent) job descriptions can be the knot at the tangle of a larger problem. Inappropriate behavior can poison company culture. Withholding information and high turnover erodes confidence and demoralizes staff.

All of these problems reduce productivity, sales and effectiveness, and though they may start small, they can grow to seem overwhelming. I help organizations see that they are manageable, get to root causes and fix what isn’t working.

Typical Process for Organizational Development Consulting

  1. First I meet with top leaders for their perspectives on organizational problems
  2. Next, I typically meet with staff — the entire organization or key employees — to introduce myself, open lines of communication and begin building trust
  3. From there I may interview staff for a more complete perspective of problems, assets and breakdowns
  4. Where it makes sense, I conduct assessments, including emotional intelligence (EQi) assessments, to better understand team dynamics
  5. Based on what I learn, I generate a report for the CEO, executive director or board outlining organizational and personnel issues
  6. Using that report, we develop plans to address specific issues and implement new systems, keeping staff aware of changes and often involving them directly

Change with Integrity

Organizational development can be a difficult and sometimes unpleasant journey. You’ll face tough choices. New systems can spark pushback. People may lose or leave their jobs. I can’t promise advancement will be easy, but it will happen, and I can promise — to you and your employees — that the process will be fair and transparent.