Leadership Development

Whether you are starting out as an executive or an experienced leader facing new challenges, I offer an honest, candid, caring approach to building skills and overcoming problems. As a business coach certified through the Coaching Federation, I help leaders evaluate systems and strategies, align their actions with objectives and free up time and energy for big-picture vision and growth.

My Approach to Executive Coaching

I recognize that leaders today are busier than ever, and can get so caught up in minutiae that they lose all time to think and plan. I know what it’s like to feel you’re just spinning your wheels. I know what it means to be pulled in a dozen directions at once. I know that feeling of intense anxiety when you’re overwhelmed and don’t see a way out.

Typical Clients & Issues

I work with CEOs, executive directors, presidents, vice presidents, directors and senior managers in for-profit and non-profit organizations, both large and small. Some of the challenges I see most often include:

  • Moving into a situation of new or more complex responsibilities
  • Frustration with staff or boards of directors
  • Being overwhelmed with managing, leaving no time to lead
  • Facing flagging sales, a weakening donor base or funding cuts
  • Uncertainty about organizational strategy, growth and direction

Though I coach one on one, leadership development often includes elements of organizational development and internal systems design. I may, for example, interview other people in your organization for a more complete picture of systems that we refine to make you and your staff more effective.

Assessment Tools

I draw on many tools, including certified EQ-i 2.0 and EQ 360 2.0 assessments, to help leaders better understand their strengths and challenges and develop their natural leadership abilities.

I also know there’s a solution to every problem.