In nearly three decades of leading and working with leaders across a wide range of industry, I’ve learned that even very different organizations face many of the same challenges. Often their success comes down to three fundamental needs:

  • Leadership with a clear vision plus the skills and knowledge to realize it
  • A culture of trust, where people know what’s expected of them, are held accountable and given support and resources to succeed
  • Systems that support smooth operations, allowing staff to focus on reaching their performance goals

As a certified business coach, I’m passionate about helping leaders and organizations achieve all of the above. When leaders, culture and systems work in harmony, everyone wins.

My Approach to Consulting

In all of my consulting, I have a straightforward, caring approach that can be summed up in under a hundred words:

  • I work towards measurable, enduring change
  • I build skills and capacity for sustained independent growth
  • I help leaders prioritize and dig in, achieving big change one step at a time
  • I engage employees at every level to get a complete perspective on what’s broken and how to help
  • I insist on honesty and transparency; no organization succeeds without trust, no consulting succeeds without frank communication
  • I know the questions to ask to guide organizations down the right path
  • There’s no problem that can’t be solved: working together, we will find the answers